CERES - Tea for men

Friday February 26th 2016
CERES - Tea for Men
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WHAT: ‘Real men drink tea’. CERES proves this with their product line specially developed for men. CERES makes drinking tea more accessible and attractive to men. They realized this by adapting their products entirely on men. Both the taste and design. Find out which tea suits you and be surprised by the new flavors.

WHO: Tea for men was previously not available. So they try to maintain exclusivity by placing their products in concept stores, instead of super markets.  According to the studies of Smart Agent and Motivaction the mentality group is mainly located in urban areas or in neighborhoods on the border of city centers. The target stores will therefore mainly be located in urban areas. The look and feel of the communication is robust and authentic . The innovative character is also noted by the magazine CoffeePro, which devoted an article to the idea.

HOW: The tea has been developed in a tea laboratory in Bolsward (Friesland). This company, which is called United Coffee, focuses on all markets: in-home,  out-of-home, foodservice and vending supply. United Coffee has the largest private label coffee roaster in Europe and are experienced in putting their own coffee-and thee concepts in the market. This cooperation guarantees a successful implementation. In the startup phase the packs are manually developed, using packs of Weber-packaging and stamps from the Stamp Factory.

VALUE: The tea packages are sold for € 4.95 each. Each pack contains 15 bags. They sell four different types of tea flavors: liquorice (bad), coffee (classy), coke (casual) and rum (wild) tea.

STATUS: info@seriousconcepting.com

CERES - Tea for Men CERES - Tea for Men