DISCONNECT - The movement

Tuesday February 5th 2013
DISCONNECT - The movement
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WHAT: The Disconnect movement was a response to the trend of the ongoing digitalisation. Students wanted to inspire others to find the right balance between their online and offline lives. Are you still aware when you are online? Can you still find your way without Google Maps on your smartphone? And can you afford to miss it when you're with others? The Disconnect movement was not opposed to the online world, but seeks the balance between the two.

The movement started out with being a post office between the online and offline world, by sending 'packages' (messages) to remind people of the sincere attention to each other in the offline world. Through an online platform (the post office), a connection is made between the online and offline world. To start the movement  different concept carriers were created, for example The Real Face Book (an personalized offline Facebook profile), A Little Something (a kit to create offline personal messages) and the Mobile Wardrobe (a wardrobe especially designed for mobile phones, for example at restaurants, museums or theaters. In this way people will have more attention for each other and the environment.

WHO: In order to create a movement, a close relationship with the mentality group was important. They should not only be approached and addressed. They should also be effectively engaged, and thereby turned into action. In this way the movement spreads in an organic way. Since the mentality group is currently mainly online, the first contact will be made there. Through social media and blogs they will be stimulated. The 'post office' will be equipped in the form of a shop where the story is more important than the product. The Disconnect movement did not only focus on business to consumer, the Mobile Wardrobe could also be  be hired by companies.

VALUE: The Real Face Book and the Mobile Wardrobe were produced in-house. The wardrobe was put up in various events and gatherings. A little something was sold on the online platform. This was done in co-operation with the KOPshop. The KOPshop has a collection of unique products that are created by various artists and designers, like publications, records, CDs, multiples, designer toys, T-shirts, jewelry, dishes, stickers, etc.The Real Face Book was sold for € 37.00. A little something was sold for € 10.00. The profit margins on these products were relatively low, because high production costs. The price for the Mobile Dressing was made on request. This is very dependent on the size of the event/meeting and location.

STATUS: info@seriousconcepting.com

DISCONNECT - The movement DISCONNECT - The movement DISCONNECT - The movement