Monday April 4th 2016
project student

WHAT: The concept ‘Social Bricks’ is created for Stichting Joni, a Dutch non-profit organisation which has a special vision on and mission for disabled children in Ethiopia. The aim of the organisation is to let disabled Ethiopian children be a part of their society, because these children are treated differently than in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of money needed to make this dream come true. Furthermore, Joni has a problem: the people who donate money to Joni want more transparency! On which projects will their money be spent and how many projects are going on in Ethiopia? The concept ‘Social Bricks’ is the solution for that problem. By means of a visual design on Joni’s website, people will be able to see how their money must be spent and how much money is needed to release this project in Ethiopia. As a donator, you decide to which part of the project you want to invest in. If you want to spend your money on new, practical chairs in a classroom, you can just click on the chairs icon on the website and afterwards you have bought some chairs for these disabled Ethiopian children. The visual percentage of gifts will increase after your donation.

WHO: The concept ‘Social Bricks’ is meant for broad-minded people, which is a term according to the WIN segmentation model from research by TNS NIPO. These people are socially involved, idealistic, creative, tolerant, self-conscious and socially fair.
After I was done with my research about the target group, I concluded that these people are the people who donate money to Joni. This concept is the solution for the mentality group that wants more transparency between the act of donation and the charity it donates to.

VALUE: The needs of Joni’s target audience are accomplished by this concept. The target group becomes co-responsible for the development in Ethiopia, in an easy and visual way. This development is a contribution to the quality of life for the target group, because worldwide social involvement brings happiness to them. The concept ‘Social Bricks’ adds value to Joni, because the donated money is necessary for the projects in Ethiopia. After realising the concept ‘Social Bricks’ there will be more donation money for Joni. This results in a better social and physical wellbeing for these Ethiopian kids.