Monday April 4th 2016
project student

WHAT: ‘Sam the Detective' is a card game for children with six different categories: spring, summer, autumn, winter, cooking and crafts. The game is weather proof and can be played both inside as outside. Every category contains 10 missions which need to be completed in order to be ‘a real detective’. These missions are standing on the front of the cards. The different categories are distinguished by several colors which are placed on the backside of the cards. The child can choose a category by his own by picking a card out of the stack of cards. The game is played with the help of friends and adults. In many cases the child searches for an object which he or she should create something with. The missions are educative in its broadest sense, the child develops itself by learning a new knowledge or skill. Sam the Detective is not only fun for children but also for their adults because of the revaluation of memories from the pasts that will bubble up for sure!

WHO: The product was created for children between 4 and 10 years old, also called the ‘Backseat Generation. Because parents of children love to take them wherever they want to go. These smart-tech-children are ‘the creators of the new world’ and are curious thrill seekers who like to do different things in their spare time. But they watch a lot of television and are very handy with computers. Parents are therefore searching for a good balance between education and relaxation for the leisure activities of their child(ren). The constant changing society which is largely dominated by technology has a big impact on not only children but also parents. In conclusion, this product is the solution for parents who want to get their children to go outside and explore the world and its beauty, where freedom and fun are the key!

VALUE: The focus is on social value. The concept wants to make a difference in behaviour of children for the future. De emotional value of the target group will be improved because the quality of life is included in this concept.  The quality of life includes the improvement of development and the activities in the spare time of children together with the social well-being. Namely the missions can be executed individually as together. This encourages the individual and the social development through the exploration of being a detective. Also the physical part is important within this concept and is stimulated by the fulfilling the missions. As well movement of the children is required both inside as outside.

STATUS: info@seriousconcepting.com