Design phase

Design phase
The design phase

The main goal in the design phase is creating multiple concept designs that represent the body of thought. A concept design is a more detailed reflection of the opportunity defined in the valuefit. It's not about specific solutions in terms of products or services.

The reason to create multiple designs is that concepting in the end is about creating products and services that reflect a certain body of thought. Customers should be able to experience this, in particular when products and services are created in various sectors.   

The amount and variety of concept designs depends on the amount and direction of the conceptstatements made in the previous phase. Because a conceptstatement corresponds with specific choices made in a valuefit, these choices are of influence on the design process. 

The different concept designs created will have to stand up to validation, testing and evaluation. Ultimately the design phase results in the selection of one concept design that will used to launch the defined body of thought expressed in the prior phase. The context of the design phase is on the level of a sector and market area, resulting in a more detailed translation of the opportunities defined earlier.