Research Phase
The research phase

The main focus in the research phase is constructing a valuefit, which subsequently has to be translated into a concept statement.

Together this build up to the body of thought, on which further decisions in the process of Serious Concepting are based and reflected upon.

Within Serious Concepting the valuefit is a profound combination of results from four distinguishing research areas: lifestyle, organisation, trends and sector: LOTS. These research areas each have their own specific methods and tools. 

The final step in the research phase is defining a conceptstatement. This is a short slogan-like reading that illustrates the choices made in the valuefit. 

The conceptstatement is an anchor for further innovation; all choices in terms of concept design are connected to this statement.

The scope in the research phase is within the context of society and sector. This is the most abstract level, and the results that appear will subsequently be translated to more detailed levels in the following phases, in order to eventually start with the execution of a concept.